Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping Spree

Like most college students, my favorite part of every semester is the day I recieve my refund check from the university.  This year I'm getting nearly $2000 back each semester in money from my scholarships and financial aid that isn't needed to pay my tuition expenses.  (Thank you, God, for not making my family rich.)  While most of it is being safely tucked away into a wedding fund, a good chunk is being spent in a very merry fashion.  =)

Accumulated as of today:

-A lovely new dress.

-A pair of v-neck tees. (In periwinkle blue and light brown.)
-A really cute purple tank top with a crochet back.

-A new hoodie.  (One cannot go a semester of college without at least one added to one's collection.)

-Two lovely pairs of ballet flats.  (Pointy toed black ones, and white ones with a button strap.  =])

-Quite a few books, including but not limited to:

The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan
Swapping Lives, Jane Greene
The Lovely Bones, Anne Sebold
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

(The Joy Luck Club is an old favorite that I highly reccommend.  Jane Greene is brilliant.  I love all of her books that I've read so far.  They're lighthearted and captivating.  The Lovely Bones is one I read ages ago, way back in my middle school days, and can't remember much about.  I can't wait to find out if I like it...  The Hunger Games is very intriguing.  It's a dystopic novel [which I have a fondness for] that was reccommended on Stephenie Meyer's website.  It has to be great if Stephenie likes it, right?)

-A new cookbook. (More baking. Soon to be more installments in Carrie's Crazy Cooking Extravaganza, I suppose.)

-A lovely yellow bag from Target. (Don't you guys just love Target?  They always have the cutest purses for the best prices.  For the record:  I can't afford the nice designer ones.  :/  And therefore, Target is my heaven.  Pretty cheap things make me smile.)

-A pretty purple camera. :) I've been needing a new one to document things with.
-A pretty pink journal to record all of my "events" in.  (By which I mean: a place to collect all of my ticket stubs that my pack-rat-ish-ness won't allow me to throw away.)

Quite a wonderful list I have there, isn't it?  I'm pretty sure there are more things I'm forgetting too...

So what about you guys?
Anybody else have refund checks to burn through?


  1. I'm getting a refund check, but that goes into my rent and other necessities :(

    But I totally agree with you, Im so happy my family is not rich :D

  2. I don't have any refund checks coming my way, but I'm willing to accept donations...hehehehe...

  3. Yelena: Believe me, I'd much rather be paying the rent with my check too! lol. Living on campus is convenient, but sometimes it would be nice to have a place to call MINE. :)

  4. Organic: If I didn't have a wedding to, who am I kidding?

    I'd probably just go shopping some more. ;)

    But maybe I'd send you a present or something. lol.

  5. Fun!! I wish I could go shopping! :) I didn't get a refund this year b/c for the first year I didn't get grants since I've been working more, boo.

    At least I have a job though. :)

  6. A day of shopping is the BEST! I wish I had a refund check. :[

    I really want to read The Lovely Bones, there are so many books that I want to read!!

  7. I'm liking the new camera. Obviously. ;D

  8. Although I'm not in college yet, I do enjoy a shopping spree for myself as well. Too bad those don't come up as often as I'd like them to.

  9. Last shopping spree I did was a few months ago after my husband got his bonus. I found a place that had bras actually in my size so bought up! and I got my fancy smancy camera to start up my photography business, which I have yet to start.

  10. My term hasn't even started yet (it starts on the 24th I think -- a Thursday, strangely enough) and I don't think I'll be getting any money back.

    I guess for college it's best to fall into one of two categories: your parents have little enough money that you get good financial aid, or your parents be filthy rich and you don't even need financial aid anyways. lol In between can be problematic, as I've seen from talking to other students.

  11. Sadly no checks...but while I was on vacation this week I bought 300 bucks worth of christmas ornaments

  12. no refund checks. I am actually paying on student loans.

    However, tomorrow, we may be buying some Harley Davidson stuff at the Factory Open House :)

  13. My friend got a refund check with which she bought a new computer. Alas, I am not so lucky. I had to buy my computer with the blood money I'm making from my lousy part time job.

    It's always really fun to go shopping though. I too need to reread The Lovely Bones.

    Cute layout, by the way!

  14. Just stopped by from Blogs of Note. Sounds like you had fun shopping! : ) God knows just when to bless us, huh?

    Wanted to let you know, you're not alone in your journalling of ticket stubs & the like. I have a couple journals filling w/ those things, plane tickets, concerts, movies, ball games... I love to look back & remember each instance!

    Happy weekend!

  15. no refund check for me :\
    all my money goes to books&tuition :|

    oh the price of a good education..
    it's worth it in the end eh?

    and don't worry,
    we all secretly love tarjay. :)

  16. How much fun! I'm waiting on one. It's going to be around $2,000, too. I'm excited. Normally, I would save or pay extra on bills. However, I've managed to pay us completely out of debt other than our house. :) So, I'm going to enjoy some of it.

    I am purchasing a new digital SLR. I've been needing/ wanting one for awhile and wouldn't spend the money. Then, I'm treating my husband and myself both to a small clothes shopping excursion. The rest will just go in the bank. I'm like you and decided to have fun with it this time. :)

  17. All are excellent choices. I miss the days of refund checks! :(

  18. I need someone to sponsor me ... U have tempted me now .... But right now I am so damn broke ! :(

  19. oh i only wish i had a refund check. that would make my day.

    good for you for spending a little on some stuff for you! you deserve it. but spend wisely. i would use it to pay off debt.

  20. We must see pictures of the new clothes! I heard the Hunger Games was pretty interesting, a friend of mine is reading it. Dystopian eh? Anthem is good...short, but good. As is the classic, The Giver!
    Target is amazing! I worked there wayy back when, and I prefer it because it is usually much more quiet and refined than Wal-Mart, and way more up to date on fashions and cute things. Not to mention the dollar section!!

  21. ooh i've read the lovely bones, found it really sad though :(

  22. loved hunger games! the second book just came out & i can't wait to get it!

  23. Whenever my KEES money finally arrives, are you going on another mini shopping spree with me?? :D

  24. Wish I had a refund check! Enjoy The Lovely Bones -- I couldn't put it down!

  25. I've (happily!) come across this blog a few times now--any word when your sweetheart will return to the States?

  26. My husband and I will be spending our refund checks as follows:

    -brake job (much needed! The squeals are getting ridiculous)
    -new bed--King size, baby!
    -rent and bills for our family (holy crap, I never thought I'd have to support my parents!)
    -potentially, based on how much is left, removal of my impacted wisdom teeth

    Not nearly as fun or gratifying as your list, but a list nonetheless.

  27. Stevi: :/ I'm sorry.

    Catherine: I'm on chapter 3 now, and so far it's really good. Intriguing.

    Iida: Me too! It's fantastic: simple enough that I can't not understand it, but good enough quality to take lovely photos. :)

    Ryan & samanthawxo: Agreed. :)

    Certified: Good luck with the business!

    Sarita: I fell into the in-between last year. It was no fun at all. :/ Thank goodness this year went differently!

    Crazy Shenanigans: Awesome! I love Christmas so much. =]

    Robyn: Sounds like fun.

    Layla: I don't remember anything about the book, so it's like I'm reading it for the first time again. lol. And thank you! :)

    Carrie Marie: Yay! Good to know. ;) I just organized all of my ticket stubs and put them in the journal today.

    arielsmiles: :/ Sorry. I didn't get any last year either. This year is a happy one indeed. Last year was a lot of scraping...

    Jessica: Woo! for extravagance! lol. ;)

    Nish: The Giver is one of my all-time favorites. I haven't read Anthem yet. Another one I really enjoyed was The Handmaid's Tale. :)

    The only thing I didn't like about The Hunger Games was that it was the first book in a series and I didn't know until it ended with an unexpected cliff-hanger. :/ Now I'm waiting for another book to be written. After Twilight/Harry Potter I said I wasn't doing this again. It was a complete accident. Lol.

    Victoria Stitch: It's heart wrenching already and I'm only one chapter 3. :/ But so so so good!


    Yikes...: Me too! :D

    Courtney: Of course. ;)

    Monica: He's here right now, but only for two more weeks. That's when he's off for Germany. :(

    jmplatz: King size bed? Oh that's gratifying indeed. Or it least it would be to me...I'm stuck in my teeny tiny dorm size (thinner than a twin) bed. lol.

  28. be prudent...that's an old way of looking at it...have fun and go buck wild!

  29. I went to the ex, and seen someone who looked like you, holding her boyfriends hand who looked just like your boyfriend. I was basically staring really hard, they were hanging out with this other guy, and then I realised I live in Canada and you live in the US.

  30. Hello,
    Stopping by from Colorado, and love reading your blog! I'm from Ashland, KY myself, and lived in Louisville and Lexington. Went to UK. My favorite cousin went to EKU in Richmond. Your blog, your writing is awesome. Hope writing is in your future, as is that lovely Army fellow you so wisely wait for.
    Wishing you All Good things!

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  32. Surge: lol. If I'm ever in Canada I'll give you a heads up. ;)

    Just Be You: How ever did you end up in Colorado from Kentucky? I'll bet it's beautiful there! :)

  33. i absolutely LOVED the hunger games and catching fire which i read as soon as it came out. i recommend them to everyone i meet!

    and my check should be coming soon too. im excited!

  34. Wow! :)
    Happy shopping!

    Visit my blog sometime, alright? :)

    I love yours!

  35. I am graduating in December and as an early graduation gift to myself, I'm using my refund check to purchase a new digital SLR for my photography business. I'm investing in myself! YAY! So I WON'T be adding a new hoodie to my wardrobe. :(

  36. wish i had some extra spare cash , but i started work recently and a portion of the monthly wage goes into my long term investment- hairdressing tools of the trade. Scissors , combs , brushes, dryer...ugh...when will i ever get the chance to splurge.

    oh and greetings from sunny Singapore.

  37. **Alice Sebold. I don't know what I was thinking. :/

  38. No refund checks for me. = ( But the Lovely Bones is excellent! Did you see they're coming out with a movie?


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