Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Bucket List:

Inspired by my new friend, Anisha. :)

*climb to the top of the Eiffle Tower
*see the ocean on both coasts of the US
*go skydiving
*go bungee jumping
*meet Stephenie Meyer

*meet JK Rowling
*publish my novel...and have it on the best-seller list
*meet my great-grandchildren
*save someone's life
*bake a cake from scratch...from memory
*have a library with super-tall bookcases
*work a job with a salary
*try sushi (it has more to do with being brave than with a desire to try the food)
*see the northern lights
*live in a city
*solve my own problem
*make a perfect score on every assignment in one class
*fall asleep under the stars
*read the Bible from cover to cover
*learn to change the oil in my car
*find a pen pal from another country (snail mail)
*pet a zebra
*travel in England, India, Japan, Mexico and Greece
*go shopping and buy everything I want that day
*run 5 miles without stopping, slowing, or tripping and falling ;)
*always color-code my closet
*drive a race car :D
*make sure my mom gets a new house...she deserves it
*memorize the recipe for pancakes
*stand at the edge of a volcano
*learn to make home-made pasta :)

I love the idea of a Bucket List. I love how when we start to list the things we want to accomplish before death, each one is relevant because is symbolizes something that we value. Many of my goals involve my family, and living fully.  I want to make sure that I stay close to the people I love, and that I don't miss out on any opportunity.  I never want to let my fears stand in my way.

Some of my goals are old ones, taken from a list in my journal that I wrote in high school. Others are newly acquired.

What do you guys want to accomplish?
What things are important to you?

Make your own Bucket List and link it up in the Mcklinky box below.  Then hop around to see what everyone else is saying.  Don't forget to link back to this post in yours so that your readers can get the full list of participants, or even play along as well. The list will be open for entries until the end of the week.  :)


  1. LOVE this post, Carrie. One day, can you post about your meeting with Stephenie Meyer? I'm so curious...

    And guess what? I'm going out for sushi in just a few minutes. You should start with something familiar (like the vegetarian sushi rolls) and then work your way to sashimi. Mind over matter, like you said. : )

  2. ~:C:~ : Yes, I'll try to get a post up about meeting Stephenie. It happened so long ago... I wan't blogging yet, and it never occured to me to write about it in detail, oddly enough. :) I'll try to dig up some photos over the weekend.

  3. Buy everything we want that day... what a BRILLIANT goal:))) Oh, and changing my oil car oil is definitely on my list as well. Honestly, they should teach you this stuff in high school.

  4. Cindy: I completely agree! They could have replaced some of the math I'll never use with that. lol.

  5. Ooh, that looks like fun!

    I've actually done the first two (in the case of the Tower I think 3 times...) and I'm rather envious of my sister who managed to go bungee jumping (a bday present from myself and our other sister) one weekend last year an skydiving the next!

    I'm afraid I'm too old to ever meet my great-grandchildren...

    Sushi can be delicious or ugh! Depends on what you pick! :p

    And I'd love to see the northern lights and compare them to the southern lights which I've already seen (magical!)

    Hmmm... if I have the time I might try to put together a list of my own!

  6. I think I'll do one of these... (once I've finished my homework :D). I also want to see the Northern Lights.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a bucket list.

    I, however, have never gotten around to it, so #1 on my bucket list is CREATE one!

    hehe :]

  8. Oh wow, I'll definitely be making a bucket list of my own... Yours is great!

  9. Oh, I forgot to brag about having seen the Northern lights... What's that? What do you mean it doesn't count since I live in Finland? ;)

  10. Trust me! Don't climb to the top of the Eiffel! Just take the elevator past the first level!

  11. CrazyCris: Congrats on having done so much already! But don't be afraid of anything. Even age. It's just a number. Life is what you make it. The oldest person living was 130 or something like that. Hope to see your list up on the board! :)

    Sofi: Thanks for participating! :)

    Catherine: Hope to see your list soon!

    Iida: Oh yes, rub it in that you live in a fascinating ;) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Crazy Shenanigans: ...I don't know. I've said my whole life I wanted to do it the hard way... It would be too easy to back out now. But when I actually do it and it's dreadful, you can tell me "I told you so." ;)

  12. Making a list is absolutely important
    But what about prioritizing?
    I see some on yours that could be done tomorrow...

    Cheers from The Daily Blog

  13. Awesome list, Carrie! I added mine to the board. Hope you like it (hope I can actually do half the things on there, as well!)

  14. i have a 23 by 23 - so things i want to accomplish before my next birthday..

    its on my page - about me label - i think..

    i can help you with the pen pal :) im aussie - across an ocean and then some!

  15. I volunteer to help you accomplish this list.

    First, sky diving? :)

  16. The biggest thing I want to do is visit all 50 states. I have been to 30 something.

    I have accomplished a couple of things on your list :)

  17. Sky diving would be my last thing I'd do. That way if the shoot doesn't work, then you've completed your bucket list before you die!

  18. I had a hamburger in Japan that was the BEST burger I have ever tasted.

    That green stuff they give you with sushi... is NOT Guacamole! My sister thought it was and burned her mouth. She's such a dork! What most people don't realize is Sushi refers to the vinegared rice as opposed to the ingredients that are added to it.

  19. I loveLoveLOVE thiss. It's amazing.

  20. Great list. I liked the movie too.

  21. I was scared to try sushi for the first time as well, but I think it's good.

    The northern lights rock.I live in Alaska and get to see them almost every day in the winter time. They are amazing.

    Really liking the bucket list. I used to have one on my blog, but I lost it when I switched some things around.

  22. What was Stephanie Meyer like?

    Wow... so amazing.

  23. Bucket List was an amazing film - it really god me thinking - but I still haven't been able to finalise a list - maybe I am indecisive or maybe I really do have so much yet to achieve - either way - I love your post!

  24. domminic: It doesn't really matter to me the order. Though I would like to find a house for my mom SOON. Other than that, so long as I accomplish everything, I'll be happy.

    Ryan: Thanks for participating! :)

    carly_grace: If you're serious about being pen-pals, send me an email! :)

    Courtney: Brianne and I have been looking into that... There's a place in Lexington that gives lessons.

    Robyn: 30? Wow! That's amazing. So far I've only been to like 6. lol.

    The Social Drunk: ...good point. ;)

    Certified Army Wife: Point noted...don't eat the green stuff... lol.

    SarahAyden:D : Thank you. :D

    Matty: I liked the movie too. :)

    Nikke: I'll have to try it eventually. I have a few friends that really like it. And I'm envious that you live in a place where you can enjoy the lights all the time. Lucky lucky lucky. :)

    Stephanie: Stephenie Meyer is probably the most down to earth famous person you'll ever meet...or at least she was when I met her. I'll try to get a post up about that since everyone seems interested. :)

    Alison: Thanks! And good luck with your own list. :)

  25. that's such a good idea! I might do it though whenever I write lists they always change depending on my mood, can't believe you've never tried sushi! It's the best ever!

  26. love this post! thanks so much for your comment on the Perfect Palette!

  27. Awesome list! and thanks for the comment on my blog=]

  28. To have a pen pal from another country, that is easily achievable :) Let me know if you want to know more about Asia :)

  29. I think that by this rate you'll much more than 1 pen pal ;)

    Let's see if I have a chance too. I am from Russia, I live in Norway and I study in England. There...trilinguity for the win ;)

    As for the Bucket List. I love the idea and I am so in. I admire your wish to save someone's life and find your mother a new house it makes me think of you as a noble person.

    I have achieve quite a few things on your list, so mine should be interesting. I'll link it to your ASAP.

  30. To anyone who commented about becoming my pen pal:

    EMAIL ME PRONTO! :) I'd love to write to you guys. Send me some mailing addresses!

  31. thanks for reminding me about the bucket list. it really is a good idea to know what you want to accomplish. hope you get to finish up your list.

    If you have time please read my blog as well. i'll be so happy if you read it


  32. Hi Carrie :)

    I would love to see my novel published (and become a bestseller) too.

    One of my dreams is to see the northern lights. I hear they are visible in the northernmost parts of Scotland at a particular time of the year, so I suppose that's my best bet.

    I spent the night out under the stars a couple of summers ago, but didn't actually sleep!

    I have just discovered your delightful blog, and have decided to follow :)

  33. it's really a good idea.
    I did one, too!

    do come and visit

  34. Awesome List! I really liked this idea and did my own.(sadly not in time to post on the link thing haha) check it out if you want.

    Also, I wanted to say I love your site! My teacher pulled it up in class when she was teaching us about blogs. I wrote down the name because it looked interesting and now I'm hooked! :)

  35. I've never met anyone else who wanted to make home-made pasta! It's something I've wanted to accomplish for some time now! Good luck in your endeavors!!!

  36. The fact that you can make people smile, even the people you don't even know is an accomplishment in itself. You have already accomplished something that many people never do in the whole of their life time and that's realising what you actually want to with your life.


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