Monday, August 31, 2009

I'd like to thank the academy...

As most of you will probably already know, I've been granted the honor of being listed as a "Blog of Note." In the time since my blog was posted on the list, my following has more than quadrupled. I can't tell you how overwhelming and exciting this has been.

When I found out, I screamed. I jumped up and down. I did an epic happy dance. And I called my mom. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a complete dork. Get used to it. ;])

But now the shock has worn off, and it's time for some 'thank you's:

1) I would never have kept with this blog if it were not for my first follower, Lyn. She's been supporting me from the start, and inspiring me with her ever-positive attitude and her willingness to help those that she can. She has lent comfort in difficult times, and laughed with me through the good ones, and has become more than just voice in the blogosphere. She's become someone I look up to. :)

Lyn's blog, "Lyn's Lifepixels," is lovely, and can be found by following the link in my blogroll. :)

2) Many of my first 42 followers (the ones I got the "hard way") have become more like friends to me than readers. Adele, Iida, Ivy, Jessica, Robyn...and so so soo many more. It's hard to picture life in the blogging world without you guys. The first bonds that are made through a blog are the ones that keep you at it. These guys are incredible. Most of their blogs will be listed on my blogroll. I highly reccomend that you go click around. :)

3) Thank you number three goes out to none other than my wonderful fiance, Kyle. (If you don't know about him yet, there are two links to posts completely about him in the top portion of my right sidebar.) On the days when I thought my little blog was never going to take off, he was there to reassure me, and when I nearly had a heart-attack (and remember, that involved some screaming and happy dancing) when I found out I was blog of note, he didn't laugh all too much. What more can a blog-girl ask for?

4) To the people who choose the Blogs of Note: THANK YOU! And if you'd be so kind as to e-mail me with a mailing address, I'll make good on that brownie-bribe that I'm sure is what got me nominated. ;)

5) Courtney, Courtney, Courtney. Thanks for keeping me company here in blog-land. :) It's a huge relief to have someone from the "real world" to talk to about all of the joys of blogging.

And now that's out of the way...


I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you. Feel free to comment or e-mail me. I LOVE to hear feedback from you guys! If you add me as a friend on either MySpace or Facebook, be sure to send me note along with the request letting me know you met me through blogger or I might deny the request. I try to weed out the creepers, but that gets a little fuzzy when you have over 100 readers...

But now I have to get back to work. It's only fair. They do pay me. So for now I'll bid you goodbye with the hope that you all have simply marvelous days! :)

Now get commenting and give me your self-introductions! I have quite a few of you to get aquainted with! :)


  1. thankyou for your lovely comments on my drawings :) Your blog is supercool!

  2. Victoria: You're very welcome. :) I meant every word.

    Note to readers** Victoria's art is amazing! You can find a link to her site at the bottom of my blog roll in the right sidebar. :)

  3. :D I'm glad you like my shoes - but how could you envy school uniforms? :O Most people that have them hate them!
    Congratulations on your engagement :)

  4. Hello. Coming over from blogger. Congrats on your blog of note award. Im a british ex-pat living in California.

  5. Congratulation on your blog of note award. I found your blog through blogger blog of note award.

  6. Hello there! I saw you on Blogs of Note. This is my second Blogger account (my first one I didn't like the username I picked so I created a new one). I'm not very familiar with the format and all (I'm coming from but at least I found a few blogs to read that are interesting (yours being one of them). Anyway, stop by my blog if you like! Have a great day at work!

  7. wow, good for you carrie! how fun :)

  8. Yay! I found your blog through Blog of Note -- nice stuff here! :)

  9. Congrats on being 'Blog Of Note'.

    I actually have been a little 'gripey' lately about some of the previous choices for "Blog Of Note' as I was starting to feel that they were all quite pretentious (I even wrote a post about it).

    I am very happy to see that they picked one that I can fully get behind.

    Well done!

    Congratulations on all the good stuff going on in your life.

    I wish you many, many more happy days.

    Peace, love and happiness,
    "Diary Of A Sad Housewife"

  10. isn't it just amazing at the amount of traffic you get from blog of note.

    I was blog of note earlier in the month. It was a surreal experience, and my readership grew so fast and so quick.

    nice work and congrats.

    I frequent Kentucky a whole lot, and I often attend a football game or 2 at UK, which is where you go to school is it not?

    Anyway, keep it up.


  11. Adam: No, I'm not a UK girl. I'm pretty close though. I'm about an hour away at Eastern Kentucky University. :)

    Jo: I know exactly what you mean! I was wondering what was up with the Blogs of Note and then BAM. I was up on the list and suddenly I couldn't complain anymore. Haha. ;)

    Everyone else: Thanks! :)

  12. Ahh Carrie - you are so sweet and oh so kind. I am delighted that so many will now be able to enjoy your breezy, authentic posts that have made me smile so often -- and even tear once or twice. I think my dear, that I am getting kind of attached to you! Soak up the success Carrie!

  13. Hi! My name is Kelsey. Of course, I saw you from the blogs of note! My hubby & I are ttc & I have to vent somehow! look forward to reading your posts!

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  15. My own special thank you! I'm touched!! :D

    I'm glad you got me into this this. I love blogging; though, it's hard to make time with all the sleeping, napping, and snoozing I do. I have my third follower today. I've got to start making time and spruce things up a bit.

    Sorry I was so out of it when you two dropped by today. I was really looking forward to beating Kyle in Heroscape again too! (Be sure to tell him I said that :P)

  16. I'm new to this blogging world of chaos. I just want to tell ya that I think your blog is fabulous. and it was the first one I came across since being on this site that I found that was... real. that I could relate to. sometimes a person just needs that. so thank you. keep being who you are, keep typing what you feel.

    hope to read more soon!


  17. Wow!!! Many congratulations Carrie!! They chose a VERY worthy blog, indeed. Prepare for a boatload of new readers to descend upon you! (I know this from experience) ;^)

  18. Once again congratulations!!! I love your blog dearly

  19. Hi! I'm another one who saw you from blogs of note=] and I'm glad I did, your blog is pretty amazing!

  20. Your blog is awesome. Congratulations on being listed in Blog of Notes :)

    Best regards from Malaysia.

  21. Hi! Found you through you being a Blog of Note! I think you're just adorable! I briefly read some blogs of yours, I wish you all the best in your wedding plans! How exciting! I cried when I read about his proposal! (is that weird to think strangers from far away lands get choked up on your big moment?). And then I read that you're Team Jacob, and I realized you're a soul sister!

    Can't wait to read more, you're very eloquent!

  22. Congratulations... i've read your blog even the older posts... it's interesting to know your life and how intense your love for Kyle. Best wishes in advance on your wedding! :)

    Stay happy and bubbly.. will be following you for sure!

  23. I read your story! surprises do come in unexpected ways... Congratulations on your engagement. But you're not even 19 right? That is what amazes me. cheers....!

  24. So, gotta admit...I'm one of the ones who found you through Blog of Note.

    Normally I ignore them. Mostly for the reason listed by Jo earlier - they've been getting pretentious.

    But the title of your blog stood out. :-p reminded me of guinea pigs and rabbits :-D (I work in a petstore).

    Anyways, keep on blogging - I'll be popping in from time to time and reading.

  25. Congrats! My lit'l brother is in the Army and he just got back from Korea, his baby Micah was born, and will be leaving for Iraq in October. I enjoyed reading your blogs and wish you continued success.

  26. heLLo! nice meeting you friend! i'm from the philippines! hope we'll chat a little longer soon! and hope you'll visit us here in our peaceful place!

  27. Hi,
    I found your blog through "Blogs of Note" and will start following your blog from today...
    I love the way your blog is arranged and the orange color in it :)

  28. ahh, your blog is really adorable, i like it a lot, take care :D

  29. Congrats on your blog of note. Your blog is very fun to read and I absolutely love it! I'm just another KY girl trying to get some thoughts out of my head and into the great big world.

  30. Lyn: Thanks again. :)

    Kelsy: Could you explain what ttc means? I'm not so great with the abbreviations yet. ;) Thanks.

    Courtney: I did tell him. He laughed. I didn't. I hope you whallop him. ;)

    Kendra, aka hellbent: Thank you so much! :)

    Willow: Thanks to you too! It's been a little overwhelming...

    Kyle: I think, from the web addy of your blog, that your name is Kylie, correct? If so, that's my bestest best friend's name also. I don't know why that's important. Just thought you might like to know. Haha.

    Nanie M. Ali: Malaysia? Wow!

    love: It isn't weird at all, at least not to me. lol. I've found myself touched by so many other people's stories that I can completely understand. ;) And you're Team Jacob, too?!? YAY! There aren't enough of us in the world...

    quirkyself: I'm glad that the extent of my love for him shows through my posts. :) I always wonder if I can convey it enough... Thank you for the well wishes!

    Carl Paolo: Yes, I'm only 18. Not for long though, my birthday is coming up this month. ;) And for the record, I never thought I'd be getting married this young either. I always said I'd wait until I was at least 24. I wanted to be a careerist, but now I suddenly realize that I can have both. :) I guess we never know what life has in store for us, huh?

    Nyx: I'm glad you like it! And you work in a pet store? That sounds like it would be so much fun! :) My friends and I sometimes take adventures to pet stores just to play with all the animals. We're such dorks.

    Shane P: Thank you! And congrats to your brother, and to you on gaining a nephew! :) I wish you all the very best.

    junDAGS: I have a reader in the Phillipines? That's incredible!! :)

    Elizabeth: Thank you! I love the orange too. ;)

    Stephanie Ann: Another Kentuckian! Welcome! I had begun to think I was the only one here. :)

    Everyone else...thank you for the wonderful compliments!

  31. Congrats! What a wonderful accomplishment for you!

  32. Hi!
    Congrats on being BLOG OF NOTE
    i wanted to ask 1.who decides for election of blog of note. there a commitee?
    3. we should send our url to them?
    4. how and who decide
    Thank you so much. i'm a blooger.

  33. Laura: I haven't a clue who actually decides. But, if you want to read about the Blog of Note process, they do have their own blog. You can find it on the Blog of Note list that should appear on your blogger homepage.

    Good luck! :)

  34. Congrats on your Blog of Note. I'm experiencing jealousy in epic proportions!!! :o) I too would be doing a mad happy dance.

    I like your guinea pigz!

    Keep up the wonderful bloggarising :D xx

  35. You blog is pretty awesome and quirky keep up the good work

  36. Congrats! And good thing you took your time to thank all the people that helped you. That's nice.

    Ashley Kay

  37. Oh my goodness, I heart your blog. I hope you are having lots of fun at college and with wedding planning (2 things I enjoyed a lot!)

  38. I totally agree with the other blogs of note recently being just ok. They seemed so one pointed. I am more of an all over the place kind of blog. I think just talking about one specific thing kind of boring. What is your fiances MOS? My hubby is a 19D (scout). In response to your response on your other post... yeah 3rd deployment to Iraq. He was in the group that pushed into Iraq. They even had Walt Rogers from CNN embedded with them. Talking with my husband afterwards I had no idea how close I came to seeing him killed on TV. I always felt at peace that he was going to be ok though. I think his second deployment was harder because he lost some guys. This time around I am more nervous than ever because we have 2 kids old enough to know whats going on now. Blogging is a good way to let it all out. Just pray that after your married and in Germany that you have a good FRG (family readiness group) that way you have people who know what your going through and can talk to about day to day Army stuff.

  39. Thanks love! And congrats! Look at you, all big and famous. :)

    Now I can rightly boast about having 'discovered' you, right? ;)

    x, Iida

  40. I'm a new follower to your blog; I likes! -Also, I love that you love "I Am the Messenger." I totally love Markus Zusak; if you haven't read "The Book Thief" you must; I love it--pretty sure it fits in my Top Five. Just sayin'.

  41. Aw dude that is so cool you were a blog of note!


  42. If I'm ever putting a business, I'm putting a church.

  43. Hey there! I'm Ryan, and I'm what you could call a "newbie" at this "blogger" thing. Although I do own another blog/website (hosted by, I'm still exploring all I can do with my new blog. Your blog was the first one I'd viewed out of all the other ones I've found. If it weren't for your Blog of Note award, I wouldn't have found this. Your writing is amazing, and reminds me a bit of my work. If you'd like to see it, please visit

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    Yours in awesomeness,

  44. Carrie, you are so sweet :) Congratulations on becoming a blog of note.

    I need to add you on Facebook :)

  45. Hey! I found you through Blogs of Note and the first thing that caught my eye was the guinea darn cute. Are they yours? Also a die hard Twilight fan here (Team Edward, though) and I hadn't yet seen the New Moon trailer! So thanks for that!

    I have a brand new baby blog (about seven posts total at the moment), Small Dose of Happiness. Please feel free to stop by! In the meantime, I will be catching up with everything you've done thus far. Cheers!

  46. ~woah! I like your blog :)

    congrats on being "Blog of Note"

  47. Certified Army Wife: Kyle's an MP. He's really looking forward to being in Germany because it's where he was born. His dad was stationed there too.

    I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to be going through this with kids! One thing we've both agreed on is that we don't want to have children until after he's out of the Army. (No intention of making it a least not at the moment.) Then again, I can also see how they'd be a comfort to you while your husband is away. :)

    I wish you guys the very best. :)

    Iida: Yeah, I suppose you could say that. ;) I wouldn't quite call myself famous yet though. Maybe if I break the 1000 mark...

    Robyn: I agree. Facebook me. ;)

    Jen: No, the guineas aren't mine. I found the picture online. They are super cute though! And no worries, there's no discrimination for Team Edward girls here. lol. ;)

  48. came across your blog through blogs of note and looks like i found a new blog to follow! love how your blog is such a fun and easy read. keep blogging!

    hope you can visit my blog as well!

  49. Congratulations! I, like many others, found your blog through the BON. Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm new here :)

    It's really inspiring to hear you received BON for several reasons.
    1. We're both young
    2. We have similar interests *cough* TWILIGHT!
    3. We both have the boring job/ college schedule down.

    Anyhow, congratulations again! I'm looking forward to reading more.

    P.S. If you're ever extra bored at work, I hope you'll mozy on over to my blog & leave me a note of encouragement :)

  50. Oh, you know me already, I'm just that schmuck in Louisville...congrats on the "blogger of note" spotlight!!

  51. Organic: Yes, I know you. ;) Thanks!

  52. Hello! I'm guilty as charged and starting following your blog once seeing it on the Blog of Note roll. But, I'm glad I finally found you! Keep it up - congrats!

    ~ Jen

    P.S. If you want to follow my blog, you can at

  53. well, I've been poking around and you've got me hooked with your style of writing! I guess I'll just have to join the crowd and become a faithful follower!

    and congrats once again on all the acclaim!

  54. CONGRATZ! It is very well-deserved. I'm definitely a fan! :))))

  55. Wow. I've been blogging since November 08 and I have no followers. You're an inspiration hun. Great job!


  56. Hello! I obviously came across you blog through blog of note. You've got quite the catchy blog and I'm really excited to actually "dig in". I haven't been blogging for too long and even since I started, I haven't done much with it as it's been more of an update of our lives, but I don't think there is a person alive who can say they lead a boring life. Why not share all the small amusements and make them into the most fascinating life. Thanks much.

  57. I ran across your blog and i thought that i'd stop in and say hi! I think it's awesome that you are engaged at a young age because I am too! I'm 20 and my fiance is 23, looking foreward to reading your blog :)


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