Friday, July 24, 2009

Three days in...

Today is day three of our (Kylie, Brianne and I) vacation, and I have a little downtime before our next event (a formal girls night out--photos coming soon). Here are some links to the pictures we've taken during our Tennessee shenanigans. Enjoy! :)

This is the bulk of the trip.

Adventures at Adventure Golf.
One picture per hole meant a lot of photos. There were too many to just throw in one album.

Shenanigans at the Wax Museum.
My personal favorites. =] We had a blast, but once again, too many to put in the general album. There's a sample of this one below:


More photos from the rest of the trip to follow! There are still two more days of fun to go. :) Hope you're all having great weeks!!


PS--Did I mention that the pool here has a waterfall feature? It's pretty amazing. Remind me that I MUST post pictures of that next time. :)

And the fudge is absolutely devine.

And the aquarium (pics under misc.) was top-notch.

It's just been swell.


  1. You MUST post pictures of the pool's waterfall feature!!!! LOL

  2. What great photos! Looks like you all are having a blast. I'm looking forward to the rest of the photos.

    We have never been to the wax museum down there, but now I see it's a must.

  3. Great pictures :) especially liked the waxworks ones ... the Men in Black pic was very cool!

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. Thanks, ladies! :) I tried to take a photo of the pool last night, but the flash wasn't cooperating with the glass, and I didn't really want to take one from inside. Thought it might have creeped out some late night swimmers...

  5. Looks like you had a great time!

    I am going to a waxwork museum in London next week - I have never been to one before!


  6. faboo pics! hope you had fun with the girls! :)

  7. Your legs look like they're a mile long! *envy*

    Facebook says your profile is currently unavailable. I made an event for Kyle's party. As soon as you RSVP, I'll make you an admin so you can help me keep up with it, if you don't mind?

  8. 1. You wore the hot dress and shoes that make you go boom, boom, POW!

    2. YOU WENT BUNGEE JUMPING!! I'm so proud of you. SOOO proud.

    3. The wax museum looks like it was a blast.

    4. I wanna go next time. :)

  9. Becky: Thanks! ...and I did, trust me. It was a much needed getaway. ;)

    Courtney: Currently unavailable? Idk. I just RSVP-ed, and I don't mind at all. :)

    Also, I'm proud of me too! (But I was totally freaking out on the inside, just so you know.)

    And you're definitely coming too next time. :)

  10. GwtGT: Have a great time! :) I'm hoping there'll be some photos to come...

  11. Hehehe, awesome...glad you had a good time...I got a kick out of the Austin Powers dummy...looked like he needed somebody to run a brush through his hair...looks like he just woke up...hahaha!


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