Monday, July 20, 2009

rush rush rush rush...

Okay. This is going to be super short:

Just wanted to pop in and say that my last post was very correct. I'm extrememly busy. (Running in circles and feeling like I'm accomplishing nothing...) After this week, and my vacation, are over I should be back to blogging with a vengence, but until then it's going to be kind of slow my way.

Sorry. :(

I can't wait to get caught up on all of your lovely blogs, but it's going to take me a bit. Bare with me. I'll be back soon. ;)

If all goes well I'll have a post up later this week from TN!
See you all then!

Lots of blogging love,


  1. And by "last post," I meant the one from the 13th. I'm such a scatterbrain.


    Hope you all have really great weeks! :D

  2. haha! it's alright, come back when you have time (: We're right here waiting! xx

  3. Thanks for that much needed "hug"! It's comments like yours that seem to make everything a little better :)
    Have a great time in TN and we'll hear from you when you get back!


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