Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I couldn't resist...

I was browsing on etsy today when I came across The Chrysanthemum's lovley shop. I purchased a lovely yellow necklace from her, but I loved EVERYTHING. (I had to close the page before I wasted away all of my vacation money.) Here's a sample of her work:


Isn't it wonderful?

You can browse through her little shop full of gems by clicking here.

PS - I'm leaving for Tennessee tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I'll catch up with you all later this week with lots of photos and hopefully a few stories to tell...


  1. Cool stuff! Have a fun trip=)

  2. wow! those are beautiful pieces of jewelry and pretty affordable! enjoy Tennessee!

  3. the necklace is gorgeous! great find. and yes you saw right...the name cullen was written on the table. we were talking baby names and thought that was cute boy name...well dave's sister and i did at least. lol.

  4. Hey we mailed you bracelets. Let me know when you get them. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. Thank you so much for featuring me!!! You are awesome!! I love your blog! Have a great time on your trip!


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