Monday, June 1, 2009


Mkay. Here's the deal. I am completely in love with these books:

Twilight Saga Pictures, Images and Photos

They may not be the most spectacular literary wonder that's ever graced the planet, but they are one of the most epic love stories ever. If you haven't read them, do so immediately. And do not use the excuse: "I don't want to follow a trend." I read them before the trend started. They were amazing then. You're getting the reccomendation from someone credible here, not just some Edward-crazed fan girl. Okay? Okay.

Now, the movie trailer for New Moon has just been released.
It follows.

It's safe to say that
I'M EXCITEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(And yes, I will be attending the midnight showing. And I'll proudly wear my 'team Jacob' shirt. We Jacob girls are so few and far between that we're obligated to represent.)


  1. I am so giddy and excited, it's ridiculous. Like, when you're 6 and tomorrow is Christmas. Except, I'm 21 and "tomorrow" is 5 1/2 months away.

    Team Jacob REPRESENTING!!

    I know I'll read New Moon at least two more times before the midnight showing.

    We're Twilighters Carrie. Even if we don't buy everything there is to buy and we don't check the fan sites everyday. It's what we are. BUT, we are NOT, I repeat, NOT Twi-Tards.


  2. I admit that I haven't read them, but I did finally watch the movie Saturday to see what the fuss was about. I really liked it and now know I want to read the books.

    New Moon looks really good, too.

  3. HAHA! my friends first got be started on those books despite my initial skepticism. plus my literature major of a boyfriend scorned in distaste at my reading material of choice. BUT I DIDN'T CARE. because at the end of the day you cannot deny how intriguing it is, and I truly could not stop once I started (: hopefully the movie will be as great as the book was (though it's usually never really the case) :)

    have a great monday!

  4. I was reluctant to read them as well because I am not a fan of vampire stories and it just seemed overhyped. But a coworker explained a bit of what they were about and it sounded like something I would like so I bought the first one and really enjoyed it and am now on the second.

    As for the movie -- I am reluctant to watch it as I am sure it can't be as good as the book and I am not sure the characters will match what I have imagined them to be like. At some point I will probably break down and watch it. I will probably end up at the midnight showing of New Moon, too!!

  5. I absolutely love these books. They are amazing. I can't not wait for this movie to come out! I do have to admit I am an Edward fan from reading the books but based on the actors in the movies I much prefer Jacob. :]

  6. I'm a harry potter girl myself, and I am embarassed to say that I jumped on the twilight bandwagon when all the tween girls became obsessed with edward as well.

    But thankfully, i didn't read the books because of the movies. i had never even HEARD of the books or movie or anything until just before the fourth book was released. And i was being nerdy and playing an MMO (heh..) and someone noticed my char name as Tonks, and asked me if i liked HP so much, why not try twilight? I said "What is twilight?" And got my ass handed to me verbally.

    this person threw such a fit they i went out the next day and bought the first book. read it in like.. a few hours, LOVED the romance aspect of it and went out and bought the remaining 3 which i devoured in like 3 days.(I'm a bookworm. Its almost a sickness. i can't put down a book once i'm started... even if i want too. or need to.)

    New Moon looks great, Hopefully better than the first movie, cause it wasn't as great as the book was.

    I still like harry potter more, but all those harry potter fans that are anti twilight make me sad. You can like both!

    Also this comment is longer than I intended... Oops.

  7. Chelsea: Oh my. Don't think I'm not a Harry Potter obsessed person as well! I actually just finished my second time through book 7. I've read most of the others at least three times. And yes, I do think that HP is better than Twilight. There's just so much more to the HP plot-line...

  8. I can't believe I'm actually really excited about this as well! But damn! That trailer reveals WAAAAAAY too much! :o(

    I discovered Twilight through the movie. I went to see it last Christmas with a friend, curious about this "phenomenon" the media was talking about, but which I'd never even heard of before! Considering how much I read and how much time I spend browsing sci-fi and movie-related websites it's surprising.

    Was pleasantly surprised by the film, thought it a new take on the vampire tale, and left it at that. Then a month later a friend came to spend a week with, bringing the 3rd book with her, and raving about the series. Now this is a friend with a damn good taste in books so I though "why not?". Oops! Should have remembered how quickly I get addicted to series! I read books 2+3 in one night! :p

    I'll admit they're not excellent when it comes to quality of writing (the Harry Potter books are definitely much better), but the style of writing and the story and the characters are so engrossing you just want to rip through them to find out what happens next!

  9. I completley agree with you. ;) I'm a Harry Potter girl at heart, and still in mourning that the HP books have drawn to a close.

    The trailer does show a fact, with all the "sneak peaks" on the internet, we'll probably have watched the entire movie before it's released. lol.

  10. I hate it when they do that... when you get to the movie and realise you've actually seen the most thrilling part and can imagine how it all turns out based on what you've already seen in the trailers!

    I mean, if I remember correctly we don't discover until quite a ways through the book that Jacob is a Were, right? We discover it at the same time as Bella. Well those who haven't read the books will have had the suprise ruined by all this info floating around in cyberspace! ugh!


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