Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The amazing Adele (how's that for a title?) tagged me in her last post. The rules for this lovely game are:

[1] Open your "my photos" folder and select the 6th folder.
[2] Select the 6th photo in that folder.
[3] Post the photo and tell the story behind it.
[4] Tag some friends and have them do the same thing. :)

I was nervous! I had no idea what I might find...what if it was horrid?

But I need not have worried. This lovely memory is what I found:


This photo was taken the Academic Team's State Competition. :) Every year our high school team travels from Irvine, KY to Louisville. We stayed in the Galt House Hotel for a weekend, and while we weren't competing, we were living it up in the city. Some of my best memories from high school came from these trips. The feet in this photo belonged to some of my friends: I think I have the order right. Starting with the brown ones: Brianne McKinney, me, Kylie Jenkins, Whitney Raider and Raina Rue.

Goodness gracious, I miss those trips...

I do believe our (the classes of '08 and '09) need to get together and take a Louisville roadtrip one year in honor of the amazing time we had. :)

Now, time for tagging! I tag:

Courtney Paige
Girl Interrupted

Get to posting ladies! And don't forget to link back here. :)

PS -- YAY for my 100th post!!!!


  1. Happy 100th post!!! Also, that's a cute picture. With my luck, I'd have a picture of something completely humiliating. (Actually, I was curious and had to check: Mine was a picture of my brother brushing his teeth! Hahaha! Now I kind of wish I could post play this game, too. Dang anonymity!)

  2. Tova: Thank you! :D I was so excited when I realized it was my 100th.

  3. Congrats on the big 100 Carrie! :)

    That's such a cool pic! ... so simple, yet it perfectly sums up friendship. I have an urge to contact my friends now and arrange a girly get together.

    Thanks for the tag, I'm not sure I even HAVE six folders of photos on my computer :/ lol ... but I'll give it go! :P

  4. Awe, I'll get on this ASAP! I promise. I'm going to find time to blog and sleep. Hopefully soon too because I might die if I don't do one... and sleeping is important too.


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