Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making Me Smile

It's a pretty easy thing to do,
and I have examples of how:

-Let me wear a new dress and bright yellow shoes without an occasion.
-Send me a real letter, not some hasty email.
-Bring me a flower on a random day.
-Let's bake a chocolate cake.
-Accept that sometimes, I just need to cry. Then be there when I stop.
-Take me to the park. I love swingsets. :)
-Remember a tiny detail about something we did together.
-Know when I'm lying about being fine.
-Make me laugh so hard my sides ache.
-Read my blog, or better yet, follow it. (Kudos to you for reading!)
-Tell me you like Twilight. It makes me feel less dorky.
-Walk slowly so I can keep up.
-Be completely honest with me.
-Let me edit your essays...and remember to say "thank you."
-Text me to say "hello."
-Eat ice cream with me when I say I'm on a diet.


  1. awwww i have to say that this is one of the most cutest entries, i've ever read in blogger. it's funny how the simple things in life can make you the happiest, but not a lot of people see it. and yes i'm following your blog! YAY!

  2. The pretty colors make me smile. Also, how similar we are. You're how I'd imagine a little sister to be, except just the good bits. <3

  3. I'm always ultra grateful to Ian when he walks at my pace (: my short legs just cannot keep up with his long strides!

  4. aw all of those are so true.. and the crying thing is big. josh (bf) knows that.. sometimes maybe worse than others.. but sometime i just cry. there might not even be anything wrong but i do and ill be done when i'm done. :)


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