Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life Lessons - Take 2

Image found here.

Under no circumstances should you EVER
anger the quiet, ancient, smiling, Brazilian lady.
And I mean EVER.

"Why?" you ask.

This is why.


  1. Hey Carrie :) thought I'd stop by and say thanks for the link, it's always nice to know somebody's enjoyed what you've written ... and great blog! I'll be back to read more.

  2. Oh yeah, Brazillian women will snap your neck in a heartbeat, and for no damn good reason... soup too spicy? Dead! TV too loud? Dead! Nose too crooked? Dead!
    Lesson learned: Stay the hell out of Brazil!

  3. That girl interrupted is a funny cat! And I guess I always get to work with Brazilian women during their younger, childbearing, years so they're not quite as scary... except the part where they're ripping their SO's intestines out through his mouth as they're waiting for the epidural. That part's a little scary.

  4. Haha, that was funny and oddly reminiscent of the much scarrier Sam Raimi movie Drag Me To Hell.

  5. Girl Interrupted: No problem. It was a great story. Glad you enjoyed the blog!

    Organic Meatbag: What on earth happened to you in Brazil? Thanks for stopping by!

    Becky: Hello! :)

    Auri: Good thing you aren't the one recieving the pain-induced wrath...

    Courtney: Yet another movie I haven't saw. Is it one I should see? Keep in mind that Donnie Darko gave me nightmares of giant murderous bunnies... (That one was worth it though.)

  6. NO NO NO! Definitely not a Carrie movie. It scared me, a little. *cough* Plus, while parts of it are funny, it wasn't all that great. If we're going for comedic gore, I'd choose Army of Darkness or Shaun of the Dead. :)


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