Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't think I've mentioned this here before, but I'm planning a vacation next month. Things are really starting to come together now, and I'm excited!!!

The plan is for Kylie, Brianne and myself to be in Gatlinburg, TN for four nights and five days from July 22-26. (Which is perfect, because my one year anniversary is the 26th. I didn't really want to spend it all alone in KY. What better way is there to keep myself distracted than to get out of town with two of my best friends?) We're going to book our hotel this weekend, and start planning out the details of our trip.

It's a "girls only" trip, and Brianne and I are contemplating doing some adventurous/semi-reckless things. Like bungee jumping.

Oh. My. Gosh.
This is going to be great. :)

Kylie, on the other hand, will not be jumping off of anything with nothing but a giant rubber band to save her from certain death. She's probably the smart one out of the three of us. She'll just be taking pictures, which I'll be posting here. (That is, of course, if the practical side of me doesn't kick in and make me back out. And that very well may happen. I don't think the fear of dying has hit me yet...)

But assuming that I don't panic and chicken out, this could be me:

Bungee jumping Pictures, Images and Photos

Even if the bungee jumping doesn't happen, it's still going to be a great trip. I really can't wait. The three of us always have a great time, and it will be one more set of memories to add to my collection.


  1. Have fun!

    And since you mentioned your dorm room, I just wanted to let you know I have a scheduled post that features my teenage girls' room tomorrow.

  2. You should go to the Apple Barn! It's the best. If you do, ask for the "swing seats." :)

  3. have fun! I live about 30 minutes away from gatlinburg so it's easy for me to take it for granted, hope you enjoy yourself :)

  4. Have fun! We are planning a trip down there in September. The first time in a couple of years. We never take time even thought it's not much of a drive for us.

  5. Bungee jumping!! I'd be terrified. You're a much braver girl than me!

  6. Hey - you're following in my footsteps with the Three Amigos! I travel with my 2 best friends regularly. In fact when one of us is about to have a monumental birthday, we take a really big adventure. Big or small - just can't beat girl time. YOu have a ball Carrie and go for it - JUMP!


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