Friday, May 15, 2009

Today the calm began

today the calm began:
the “formal feeling” that follows pain.
it settles around my shoulders,
leaving me shrouded,
from the outside.
it will be okay.

then good things began
in rapid sequence,
lending feelings of optimism.
it will be okay.

again and again…
it will be okay.
it will be okay.

the shield falls away.
and it will be okay.
it will be okay.


  1. Carrie, it will be OK. Try not to put your life on hold. Live the moments fully and consciously. They are truly the only sure thing so make sure not to squander them - they are gifts. It's important to have plans but living begins right now.

    Life delivers challenges so daunting that sometimes we struggle to keep our heads above water. But they are necessary for us to discover our own personal power and inner strength. We are tougher and stronger than we know. I can tell you are finding out what a tough little cookie (Carrot) you are! Be proud -- and breath. Let go of that over which y ou have no control. It will be OK ... it really will.

  2. i have a surprise for you on my blog entitled "big grin" :)


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