Monday, May 18, 2009

This weekend:


[1] Girl's night out, which means mexican food!!! ...and good company. :)

[2] Movies with Courtney and Ryan:

(recommended, 4 carrots out of 5!)


[1] Unpacking my stuff from the dorm. My house is still in shambles...but slowly improving. (Note to self: be more organized next semseter...)

[2] Movies with Raina and Jon Fore:

(recommended with 3 carrots out of 5.)
[the book was ten times better. if you haven't read it, do so immediately.]

[3] Commandeering a truck: While Jon, who was nice enough to drive, stepped out of the truck, Raina and I decided to pull a lovely little prank and drive away. It was great fun. We all laughed about it. It's great to have friends who won't prosecute when you steal their automotive. :)


Kyle called. Even though I had a rather great weekend...hearing from him is always the highlight of my week. It takes all the cake in the world. :)

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