Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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Pneumonia is not fun.
And that's what I just found out my boyfriend has.

I'm not happy. If he's that ill, I want him home with me were I can take care of him...not off on some base where he won't get nearly the amount of rest he needs. Oh my goodness. I'm more worried than I have been in a while. =/

But there are positive things too:
[A] Today broke the 100 mark. Only 99 days until I see him again.
[B] He does get 24 hour bed rest.
[C] He got his cell phone today.
[D] Germany isn't Iraq, Afganistan, or Pakistan. There aren't as many scary bombs and things there.
[E] Is something I don't want to say out loud yet. It's too great to jinx. =]

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