Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pizza, publishing, and late night phone calls...

First up, pizza: Just how old is too old? And how often is too often?
Just a thought.

Now for publishing: I'm considering doing this. I'm terrified. I've never done anything like this before...but if I want to write my own book someday, I have to start somewhere, right?

I wrote for five consecutive hours last night with no breaks and no interruptions. (Okay. Maybe a phone call or two. But I typed straight through them.) I'll probably have a similar routine over the next week. I don't know what I'm thinking. I might be crazy. But if I don't try something I know I'll regret it.

And the phone call: My super-crazy boyfriend decided to call at 3:40am last night while on firegaurd. (aka: definitely not when he's allowed.) It didn't wake me up, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It wasn't the inconvenient timing that was a problem. I'm always glad to hear from him. But had I woken up to talk to him, his chances of getting caught would have increased (longer talk-time)...and he might have got a mouth-full of annoyance from me for risking it in the first place. =/

However, I am sad I missed a chance to talk to him. He left adorable little messages...but it's not the same. Sigh.

It's nice to have some feel of normalcy. The multiple phone calls Sunday and Monday, the messages last night... I actually feel like I'm getting up-to-date information for once. It makes this easier.

(Thanks for thinking of me, sweetie. I love you. :])

(I mean seriously, Kyle? What are you thinking???)


  1. aww yay for more followers! and i'm def gonna have to check out that website you posted

  2. Pizza can be eaten everyday, but no more than twice a day, and only until it makes you sick... that's probably when you should stop with most things, really.

    Go for it. You are so talented. As you say, "If there was ever a time to speak... it would be now." Build your creative writing resume. Draw as much attention to your work as possible. It's great and the more people who see that the better. :)

    I'm going to kick my brother so hard when I see him. For realz. It's cute that he misses you and wants to hear you. It's NOT cute that he's risking severe punishment and a soap-in-sock beating from his platoon mates. That kid. I love him to death.


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