Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delightful things about today:

[1] My 6th follower! Welcome! I can't believe by humble little blog is becoming popular...it's exciting! :)

[2] Lunch with both Courtney and Ashley, my roomie that I've been dearly missing.

[3] A new book. (On loan from Kylie. Thanks, dear.)

[4] I'm mailing letters today. I always feel slightly better than I did before when I drop them into the "outgoing mail" basket.

[5] It's sunny! I think it had rained every day for three weeks before yesterday... It's nice to see the sky again.

[6] New make-up. Doesn't it always seem to make you feel prettier?

[7] The compliment from the total stranger this morning at McDonald's. She told me my dress was pretty. (Thank you, whoever you are. It made me smile. =])


  1. haha thanks for the welcome! (: and also for visiting and commenting!

    I love getting compliments from strangers too..it's strangely alot more fulfilling than just getting them from friends or people you know ;)

  2. aww love the list and i'm sure your dress was cuute...i love dresses esp in warm weather :)


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