Monday, March 16, 2009

Only Seven Days Left

There are only seven more days until Kyle leaves for basic training.

Life is going on as usual. Aside from the occasional question from a friend or co-worker nothing is at all out of the ordinary. I go to class. I do my homework. I go to work. I visit Kyle. Nothing has changed. It doesn't feel like anything will change. I hope I can stay immersed in this rhythm of school and work and visiting...friends. I hope it's enough.

I'm actually looking forward to the letter writing though. There's something romantic about writing letters. It's more heartfelt than e-mailing or texting, somehow more intimate. It requires more thought, more patience, and gives me an excuse to buy some gorgeous stationary.

On a lighter note, this Friday is my first official payday! I'm excited. I'm getting my hair cut this Saturday to celebrate. Yay!

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