Friday, March 6, 2009

Dancing in my Dorm

That's right ladies and gentlemen. I was really dancing in my dorm room this morning. I'm finally getting over a flu that's lasted more than a week now, and the relief combined with a beautiful, warm day, and an amazing first class has me in a perfect mood. It doesn't hurt that it's spring break and that my new-found job is amazing.

Optimism is easier when things are going well.

Today's motto is: "life is a gift." And while I know that might change to "life is a pain" in a few short weeks I'm living up to my motto-of-the-day and enjoying the good times while I can.

Well...gotta run. I have to finish packing to go hooooooooooooooome. Thank the Lord for some time out of this concrete box (not that it isn't nice...just not home). Enjoy the coming of spring everyone!

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  1. You dance girl! You know what they say -- dance like there's no one watching. And there's nothing better than going home. Enjoy!


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