Friday, March 6, 2009


I've been tagged twice on Facebook and once here to post 25 things about myself. I'm not tagging anyone. (If you want to post some facts about yourself do it. I'd love to read them. Feel free. But I'm not going to obligate anyone to share.) Here is my list of 25 random facts:

1) I am very dramamtic. I make a bigger fuss about most things than I should. I almost always regret it. When I am really really hurting about something...I am quieter about it than I would have been if I were only slightly upset.

2) I don't think I know myself very well at all. Sometimes I am surprised by my reactions to situations. There are some issues and circumstances I feel very strongly about, but other than those, I am not someone that fits into a neat and tidy box of actions.

3) I hate to be alone. I am not one of those people who can be just as happy curled up with a book by themselves. (Though I do dearly love to read.) I need my friends and family around me to keep me positive. If I am alone I feel like I am somehow failing at life.

4) When my best friend moved to a new neighborhood two years ago I took in her dog. My Dad and I take care of it...but I still think of it as hers. She still loves it more than I do. I knew it would end up this way.

5) I didn't want to grow up. Growing up means that you have to stop believing in things like magic and perfect love. I don't want to give those things up.

6) I think watermelon cures sickness...and that this is why I'm never ever sick in the summer.

7) I think being a librarian will be exciting, and I don't care what anyone else says about how boring it is. I like books. What better job could I persue?

8) I don't try as hard in my favorite classes because they are the ones I am best at. I know I will be able to scrape up a good grade with little effort, so I focus on the harder ones I hate instead. I probably let down my professors (and high school teachers) because I don't live up to my potential...but I always have a good GPA.

9) I used to pretend I liked Warheads sour candy even though I didn't just so other kids wouldn't think I was weird. To this day I still think kids that like them are crazy.

10) My two biggest fears are: a) Having cancer like my mom, or being diabetic like a lot of people in my family. b) Losing Kyle. I could live with anything else. (I mean this literally.)

11) I hate plain water. I drink it only because it's healthy. This fact isn't enough to make me eat beans though. I despise beans.

12) I used to read in bubble baths. Then I read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and imagined how embarrassing it would be to have someone from a book appear in my bathroom. I haven't read in the bathtub since. (Yes, I know it's silly.)

13) It's hard for me to tell the people I love that I am angry with them. I'm always afraid they'll become so angry with me that they won't love me anymore.

14) I am a great advice giver, but I'd never take my own. And yet I am upset when people don't listen to me when we both know I'm right. I know this is hipocritical. I still won't change.

15) I am typing this at work. I finished the tasks that were supposed to take me an hour and one half in fifteen minutes. I still have half an hour to waste...

16) I like the feeling I get when I accomplish a lot in one day, even if it takes a lot of rushing and makes me dead tired. I need to feel useful and successful to be happy.

17) I don't eat green popsicles or green jello. That's just wierd, even if it does promote a stereotype.

18) I am the most impatient person I know, including my ten year old brother. I just hide my impatience better. I annoy myself with it most of the time. In my head there is a constant refrain of "Are we there yet? Am I finished yet? How much longer? What time is it now?"

19) I laugh a lot when I'm sleepy. That's probably the closest to drunk I'll ever get. I don't ever want to drink. Ever. My mom had times during her life where she'd "check out" and not remember entire days or weeks due to childhood trauma. I don't want to forget things.

20) I always thought I wanted a daughter, but now that I'm older, I long for a son as well. I didn't think I'd be happy without a girl, but now I finally know what people mean when they say it doesn't matter whether they have a girl or a boy. I'd love either.

21) Practical Magic was, and still is, my all-time-favorite movie. When I was little I'd try to blow on the candles around the house to make them light. I even made the love spell with the rose petals.

22) On a school trip with my friends we all said we were going to write our confessions on pieces of paper and hide them in Post Secret books in a Border's Bookstore. I was the only one to do it. I told them all that I did, and made them promise not to look for it. They didn't. I was disappointed. They recently told me that they really wanted to know what I wrote. I won't tell them what the paper said, but I love that they wanted to know...and I wish they'd looked. (For an explanation of Post Secret see my links.)

23) I prefer cats to dogs. Most people don't understand this because they think dogs are more loveable. It isn't that I don't like dogs, I do, I just think cats have more personality.

24) I really want to witness some sort of supernatural phenomenon...see a ghost, hear voices... But at the same time I don't because I'm afraid I'd either think I was crazy or have everyone else think that.

25) I don't really like pumpkin pie anymore. It was my childhood favorite. I won't tell my grandmothers because they both perfected their pumpkin pie-making just for me. I eat it every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving. I always say it's wonderful.


  1. Carrie, I thoroughly emjoyed your post and learning a little more about you. The pumpkin pie story tells me you are sweet and kind person. Dont' be so hard on yourself. It is completely natural not to "know ourselves" when we are younger. That is because you are still "becoming" who you are and who you will be. Don't feel that you have to lose your childhood optimism and dreams to be a grown up. You are perfect exactly the way you are. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for another lovely comment, Lyn!

  3. My best friend is a librarian and she and all her friends are so interesting. Some of them are wild with tattoos--not exactly what you'd expect. I think her job sounds very interesting.


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