Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another First Day

Well. Today was the day. I was so anxious that I woke up at 3:40a.m. and could not (despite desperately wanting to, and shoving my head under a pillow) get myself back to sleep. I woke up, dressed, went out for pancakes with Kyle, said my goodbyes (a bit tearful), and jumped in my car, college-bound.

It was not an enjoyable trip. The radio was not friendly. There were either stupid talking radio hosts or commercials the entire way. In the end I resorted to replaying my well loved Twilight soundtrack. I think I've memorized nearly the entire thing now, or at least my favorites anyway. Then, half-way back to campus, I realize I left my class schedule and have absolutely no idea where I need to be at 9:05. This resulted in a few phone calls until I reached Kyle and made him look it up for me.

But then I arrived at my first class. Something incredible happened. I was shocked for the first time in a classroom. My nine'o'clock is "Principles of Literary Study," a gold mine of fun for English majors such as myself. My professor is, so far, amazing. It's like he speaks directly from my heart, which is odd. There aren't many people in the world that share a passion for books and the written word to the extent that I do. I am in love with this class. It's incredible.

The three classes that succeeded that one were decent, and I had a friend in each and every one. It suffices to say that I am pleased with my day. I was pleasantly surprised. And while it will probably be a considerable amount more work than last semester ever dreamed of being, I think it will be rewarding enough to be worth it.

On another note: I went to a gym today. This will shock those of you readers that actually know me. I'm not athletic at all. It was really Kylie's idea, but it turned out to be fun. We're planning to make it a routine, our attempt at distracting ourselves from missing our boyfriends, both of whom live a city (two in her case) away. It worked...for about an hour or so. Then it was back to missing them. But hey, there are phones right? We'll survive.

I'm a bit disgusted with myself on one point, though. I didn't find that job. I
am looking, it just isn't exactly going as I'd planned. I didn't figure our nations rapidly failing economy into the equation and it seems it carries more weigth then my determination does. Oh well. I'm trying. It's the best I can do.

Until next time...I'll just be roaming campus and doing homework. Best of luck to any other college freshman out there trying not to drown in a massive sea of textbooks and midterm regulations.

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