Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Unexpected Wonder

So, I woke up today, far later than I should have, and remembered that final grades were posted. I jumped up and checked them, of course, only to find that the grade I thought was a B was in fact an A, and the one I thought was a D was really a B. I am happier than words can express. Yay! To think, I'd figured my GPA was barely high enough to let me keep my scholarship when in reality it's a 3.6, a full .6 pts. above what's neccessary! I'm thrilled...that was the best Christmas gift I've recieved yet. =]

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beware the Mixer

My absolute favorite part of Christmas has always been making Christmas candies. When my parents were still married, and I was very young, they owned an apartment complex. My mom and I would make trays full of fudge and cookies and candies for our tenants on Christmas. Now I help my mamaw make the food for our Christmas party. It's by far the most fun anyone can have in a kitchen. We make peanut butter balls, coconut candy bars, fudge, cookies, cheesecakes, and that's just the list of sweets... There are also cheese cubes to cut, ham and cheese rolls to make, sausages to cook, pizzas to bake and cheeseballs to mix!

It's incredibly fun, and the food turns out amazing, but we always seem to make some sort of mess. I'm rather accident-prone, and so is my grandmother... Leaving us in the kitchen with a high power mixer and a bag of confectioners sugar wasn't the greatest of ideas. While trying to flip the lock button in place Mamaw accidently turned the mixer on high and sprayed both of us and the entire kitchen with powdered sugar. Fun stuff. I currently look like I've been a massive food fight, and not even on the winning team.

While it was a horrible mess, it's the unexpected things like that which I find so entertaining. It wouldn't be nearly as fun if everything went according to plan. Mistakes give us something to laugh about, and are usually what make the best memories.

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wish you all a happy holiday season and a kitchen covered in fluff. Trust me, the laughs are far worth the mess.

Homemade Mounds Bars:

-1lb. confectioners sugar
-2, 14oz. bags coconut
-1 can sweetened condensed milk
-1 stick butter
-1 tsp vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients in a mixer...just don't turn it on high right away, blend from lowest setting to highest until well mixed. Then press the mixture into a butter-greased pan. Try to keep the pan evenly coated, and as level-topped as possible. Chill in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes, then remove and cut into two inch sqares

-1 bag milk chocolate chips
-1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
-about 1/2 bar of parafin cooking wax

Melt chocolate and wax in a double boiler, making sure they are well blended. (Have this ready when the bars come out of the freezer.) Immediately coat bars in chocolate mixture. (Dropping them in the pan and quickly fishing them out with a fork works well.) Allow the chocolate coated bars to dry on wax paper. As soon as the chocolate is hardened, the bars are ready to eat!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few random notes:


So...there are only three days left of my first semester of college. [The above photo was taken on campus outside the Wallace Building, home of most gen. ed. classes.] It's a bit disorienting. I can remember so vividly the way I felt coming onto campus for the first time: the excitement when our parents left, the confusion of finding my way to my classes. It was crazy, but I loved it, and now that I'm settled in here I don't want to leave. Not even for the holidays. I would be perfectly content to stay here until Christmas eve. I like being on my own...the way the freedom and responsibility come in pairs, the way I get to decide for myself what's best for me and for my future. I feel like the second I go home I'll turn back into the immature person I used to be.

I have two finals, some packing, and a refrigerator to defrost, and then I'm leaving. I'm not excited.

However, I am ecstatic for Christmas to be so close. It's my absolute favorite time of the year! I can't wait to see my family all gathered around my mamaw's tiny living room, and to see my dad's humongous tree all lit up in the window. I hope it snows, even though it's cold. I can deal with it. It's supposed to be cold on Christmas. =]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Cast of Characters

Carrie: myself.


Kyle: the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for. He's the one thing in my life I remain sure about. We grew up together, but it took us most of our lives so far to really find each other. Now we're never going to let go. (synonyms: supportive, charming, adorable, loving, tender, great kisser, WoW obsessed, protective, nocturnal, hilarious, entertaining...)

Kyle and I

Kylie: my fellow veggie and best friend. (synonyms: celery, neighbor/dorm, quiet[deceptively], random, afi fan, beautiful, secret keeper, funny, caring...)


Raina: the third corner of the vegetable pyramid and best friend. (synonyms: rhubarb, loud, writer, kylie's roomie, mothering, gorgeous eyes, creative, adivsor, spastic...)


Momma: gifter of life...currently stuck in a place called "Cob Hill," which is actually a mountain located at the exact point called "The-middle-of-no-where." (synonyms: comforting, job hating, short, broke[currently], divorced[twice], independant, cookie baker...)


Wesley: little brother...also on that lonely mountaintop. (synonyms: annoying[but cute], nine, third grade, future animal killer[a.k.a. hunter], gamer, smiling, temperous...)


Dad: father... (synonyms: tall, miserly, caring, carpenter/home builder, factory-worker, family oriented, single, problem solver, mustache...)


Mamaw, Elaine Horn: the person who has believed in my writing from the start. She has a habit of stealing my writing and either publishing it in the local paper or distributing it to friends and family. While this annoys me to no end, I love that she has such faith in me. It's comforting. If I were born in my grandmother's time, I think I would be exactly like her. I am more like her than anyone else in my family. We have the same optimism and sense of humor, and I like to think the same strength.


Jon: friend of the veggies. He's from my hometown, trying to make it in college just like the rest of us. (synonyms: tall, "old soul," humorous, horses, violently republican, senior prom date, future history teacher/president...)


Sean: friend of the veggies. He's also from my hometown, currently attending college on a campus not very far from ours. We miss him. (synonyms: total hippy, long hair, hilarious, outgoing, creative, swordsman, random, kilt-wearing, trusted, traveling musician[except not], owner of an awesome little sister[Amy]...)


Christina: closest thing I've ever had to a sister. That's saying a lot considering I had two step-sisters at one point... I miss her more than anyone. She is still living in our hometown with a husband [Darrell] and a beautiful baby boy who's not even a year old yet [Isaiah.] She used to be my partner in crime back before she settled down with her family. Now she's my best friend and confidant. She's also the first person to call me carrot...so I guess you could say she started it all.


Kash: the most amazing teacher/yearbook advisor Kylie and I could have asked for. She believed in me more than most people in my life, and it is because of her that I have the courage and faith in myself I'll need on the way to reaching my dreams.


Mott: the reason I can write so well. Mott was the Senior English Teacher to Kyle, Kylie, Raina, Sean, Jon, and I. I'm pretty sure we'd all agree she's incredible. We owe her our thanks.

I haven't mentioned everyone here. There is no way I could do everyone in my life justice. I have many more amazing friends, a huge family, and only a few enemies... The people who I've mentioned here have shaped my life into what it is today. Though others have aided in it as well, these are the one's I give the most credit. =]

**NOTE** Changes have been made to avoid offending some people who used to be in my life.  Wow.  That sounds drama-filled and petty.  :/  Sorry, guys.  I wish I could explain myself more, but to protect the feelings of other's I'm really not able.  :(