Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few random notes:


So...there are only three days left of my first semester of college. [The above photo was taken on campus outside the Wallace Building, home of most gen. ed. classes.] It's a bit disorienting. I can remember so vividly the way I felt coming onto campus for the first time: the excitement when our parents left, the confusion of finding my way to my classes. It was crazy, but I loved it, and now that I'm settled in here I don't want to leave. Not even for the holidays. I would be perfectly content to stay here until Christmas eve. I like being on my own...the way the freedom and responsibility come in pairs, the way I get to decide for myself what's best for me and for my future. I feel like the second I go home I'll turn back into the immature person I used to be.

I have two finals, some packing, and a refrigerator to defrost, and then I'm leaving. I'm not excited.

However, I am ecstatic for Christmas to be so close. It's my absolute favorite time of the year! I can't wait to see my family all gathered around my mamaw's tiny living room, and to see my dad's humongous tree all lit up in the window. I hope it snows, even though it's cold. I can deal with it. It's supposed to be cold on Christmas. =]

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